Youth Wrestling Leagues, Elevated.

Snapdown streamlines your league, automating matchups, tracking every bout's data, and significantly cutting down your admin hours.

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Benefits for League Organizers

Running Your Youth Wrestling League is a Snap!

Multiple Event Modes

We prefer our new auto matchup mode,  where our advanced algorithms automatically generate matchups for the session, but we also support duals and regular brackets.

Tracks Every Match

Integrated scoring software runs every mat and tracks every detail of the match. Tracks every scoring event, win/loss/etc.

Automatic Matchups

Say goodbye to manual matchmaking. Snapdown's advanced algorithms automatically generate balanced matchups, saving time and ensuring competitive bouts for all participants.

Gain Efficiency

Significant time savings for making matches, scheduling the mats, tracking matches, and keeping stats.  

Stats for Every Wrestler

Dive deep into individual performance metrics. From win-loss ratios to takedowns and escapes, get insights that help wrestlers identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Weights Recorded for Every Wrestler

Maintaining accurate weight data is crucial. Snapdown records each wrestler's weight, ensuring fair matchups and compliance with safety guidelines.

Stats for Every Team

Team dynamics come into sharp focus with aggregated statistics. Gauge overall performance, identify standout wrestlers, and monitor progress throughout the season.

End of Season Weight Spreadsheet

Access a neatly organized spreadsheet capturing the weight data of every wrestler. Ideal for reviews and ensuring post-season wrestlers have qualified for a given weight class.

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Benefits for League Parents/Coaches/Fans

Stay Informed, Stay Involved!

Mat Assignments

Confusion be gone! With clear mat assignments available at your fingertips, you'll always know where to go to catch your child's next bout.

Digital Scoring and History

Follow along with the matches live, or look back on the previous matches to see a period by period breakdown of the scoring. 

Track Progress

Access your child's stats, from win-loss records to specific move insights, to follow their wrestling journey closely.

Season Overview

Stay in the loop with a holistic view of the season. From the first match to the last, you'll have all the details to support your young wrestler throughout.

From the Trenches.

When it comes to managing a youth wrestling league, we've been there – right in the thick of it. Snapdown wasn't born in a boardroom but out on the mats and behind the scoring tables. We faced the hours of sorting, mismatched bouts, and the countless challenges that come with manual management. It was clear: there had to be a better way. Driven by the real needs of league operators and a passion for elevating the wrestling experience for our youth, Snapdown emerged. Crafted from firsthand experience and genuine necessity, we're proud to offer a solution that truly understands and addresses the challenges from the ground up.

Snapdown vs. Traditional Methods

Comparing the Old with the New Paradigm

Traditional Leagues

  • Organizers spend hours each week making matchups, or coaches scramble to throw together matches on match day.
  • No-shows on match day result in mass rework and chaos.
  • Human error leads to poor matchup quality due to manual matchmaking and unreliable record-keeping.
  • Use stacks of printed bout sheets, or worse,  hand-written bout sheets.  Error prone and tedious.
  • Spend significant time entering match results from printed bout sheets back into electronic form.
  • Uncertainty for parents, coaches, and wrestlers about match timings and mat assignments.
  • Lack of statistics and insights into individual and team performance.
  • Inefficiency and labor-intensive processes demand many hours of effort each week.

Snapdown Leauges

  • Automated Matchmaking ensures quality matchups in minutes, drastically reducing effort required.
  • No shows are no problem - only the wrestlers who weigh in are pooled into the matchmaking system.
  • Advanced algorithms and integrated record keeping ensure higher matchup quality and accurate data collection.
  • Matches are generated and automatically available at each scoring system.
  • Integrated Scoring and Record Keeping automates result recording, eliminating manual transfer and reducing errors.
  • Real-Time Updates provide instant access to match schedules and assignments, enhancing the experience for all stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive Performance Stats offer in-depth analysis and insights for each wrestler and team.
  • Snapdown's efficiency-focused design drastically reduces weekly time and effort requirements.

Elevating Youth Wrestling: Efficiency Meets Excellence

The old ways of managing youth wrestling leagues were laden with inefficiencies, manual tasks, and frustrations for organizers, coaches, parents, and wrestlers alike. While they may have been the norms of yesteryears, today, there's a better, more innovative solution at hand. Snapdown seamlessly transforms these challenges into streamlined processes, ensuring not just time savings and operational efficiency but also enhancing the overall experience for all involved. By embracing Snapdown, you're not just adopting a tool; you're championing a vision for a brighter, more organized, and rewarding future in youth wrestling. It's time to make the switch and redefine what's possible for your league.


Can I use Snapdown for my youth league?

Absolutely! Snapdown was crafted with youth wrestling leagues in mind. We'd be thrilled to connect, walk you through a comprehensive demo, and discuss how Snapdown can best serve and streamline your league's operations.

Can Snapdown be used to run regular tournaments?

At the moment, Snapdown is primarily designed to manage and enhance youth leagues throughout an entire season, encompassing weekly matchups and culminating in end-of-season placements. While the platform offers a robust suite of features for leagues, it doesn't currently cater to single-event tournaments.

What payment options are available?

Upon registration, you will receive an invoice for Snapdown's services. We provide flexibility in payment methods, allowing you to settle the invoice via credit card or check. Our aim is to make the process seamless for you.


Not at all! Snapdown operates smoothly in web browsers and is also distributed as a mobile app, ensuring accessibility wherever you are. However, for table scoring during league events, we recommend setting up a laptop coupled with an external monitor at each table. This setup ensures clear visibility and efficient scoring for everyone involved.


Snapdown supports leagues with up to 12 teams. For organizations with more extensive league structures, we suggest dividing into sections or divisions, with each one setting up their own Snapdown league. This approach ensures optimal management and matchmaking for all participants.


Once your payment is processed, your league will be up and running on Snapdown within 1-2 business days. After that, the league admin can swiftly create teams, import rosters, and make necessary configurations. The entire setup process is usually accomplished within a few hours. It's worth noting that gathering and importing team rosters tends to be the most time-intensive part, but with Snapdown's user-friendly interface, even this step becomes a breeze.


Yes, Snapdown is not just for league administrators. Fans and parents can access our platform through a subscription-based mobile app. We offer two tiers of access:

  • Gold Users: This premium tier provides comprehensive access to every feature of Snapdown. Subscribers can dive deep into full match histories, detailed statistics, and much more to stay fully engaged and informed about their wrestler's journey.

  • Silver Users: This tier is perfect for those wanting to stay updated on league events. Subscribers can view league activities, track events, and monitor mat assignments to keep abreast of ongoing and upcoming matches.


Absolutely! We want to ensure that your team can harness the full power of Snapdown. To help with this, we've curated a series of training videos that cover key aspects of our platform. These tutorials will guide you through setting up the league, creating events, the matchmaking process, handling weigh-ins, and scoring matches. With these resources at your fingertips, you'll be well-equipped to manage your league efficiently.